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Gavin is a 47 years old builder who has presented to his GP for a repeat script of his blood pressure medications. His GP got alarmed to see a dark freckly mark on his neck. On further inquiry Gavin informs his GP he has noticed it only a few weeks ago, he believes it is ok as it does not hurt or bleeds, there is no family history of melanoma. The GP advises Gavin to get his freckle excised as it has some changes on Dermoscopy.

An excisional biopsy reveals that the lesion was a Level ll Melanoma. A regular skin check can save lives.

How Do I Check To See If
I Have Skin Cancer?

It's a doctor's job to diagnose skin cancer clinic but you will know better than anyone else. If something in your skin is Sore, Changing, Abnormal on New. Here is a simple guide to help you recognize the early signs of skin cancer clinic in Brisbane. Look for a spot or mole that is.


Scaly, itchy, bleeding, tender and doesn't heal within 6 weeks.


Changing in size, shape, color or texture.


Looks different feels, different or stands our when compared to your other spots and moles


New has appeared on your skin recently. Any new moles or spots should be checked. especially if you are over 40. The more of the above features a spot or mole has the more concerning it may be. Get it checked by a doctor.


  • More serious as they can spread to the lymph glands.
  • Often Arise from sunspots
  • Are usually scaly and may be tender.

  • the most serious as they can spread via the bloodstream throughout the body.
  • Can arise anywhere on the body, including the face scalp, lips, ears, under fingernails, or toenails(brown strips), on the sole of the feet and in the feet and in the area that has never seen the sun.
  • Can be raised or flat, fast or slow-growing and rarely, pink in color (especially in fair-skinned people).

When it comes to Mixed Billing on all skincare check meaning thereby you don’t have to shed dollars from your own pocket, expect the care you want from us. Our specialized doctors and GP will be explaining the best treatment possible with the proper diagnosis. Do have a prior appointment in a skin cancer center with our receptionist so that you are at the location to save time.

Acting as a sound dermatologist and skin specialist in Australia and in order to perform high standards, we do use dermo scope to identify pigmented lesions as also distinguish malignant skin lesions like melanoma and pigmented basal cell carcinoma, from benign melanocytic naevi and seborrheic keratoses. The imaginary computer scans and programs are of no more significance for us. We only rely on a thorough examination with a dermatoscopy and have excellence coupled with years of experience in our diagnosis.

Australians are more prone to skin cancers because of its environmental harsh tropical sunny climates causing extreme sunburn and UV radiation. Skin cancer clinic can appear on any body part but prominently it can appear on the face, head, back, and upper limbs.  Many people get sunburnt while taking part in water sports, at beaches and/or at swimming pools.

Skin Cancer Clinic at Mango Hill

You get better because we are better especially in our skin cancer center. Our clinical staff works with wisdom for your life. We are earning people’s trust for years together. Nonetheless, if the need arises, we can refer patients to other renowned and trusted skincare professionals.

Access to the Latest Treatment Options

Going in for a skin cancer clinic diagnosis is a little bit stressful. Nevertheless, in case your loved one has been diagnosed with such like condition; don’t worry we are right here near you for life. In case the need is we have various other treatment options to choose from including surgical procedures. In case treatment from other specialized cancer specialists would be required we have renowned & trusted doctors in this arena whose services can be availed.

Who should I see if I
find something on my skin.

See you GP for an urgent Skin Check. Have regular skin checks.



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